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  1. Pietrus Abalardus

    There is a lesson to be learned from Mr. Connery. It is important that education begin once again to teach aspects of good character. He was taken from “everyday life” and put in a job for which he had no training. His innate sense of strong character carried him through and left a great legacy. Mr Trump had no experience,and no character—to judge by his puerile behavior, no sanity—-and he will leave a disgusting mess behind. Y

  2. Tracy Jenkins

    What does Trump have to do with anything? Are you insane? You really have an issue and may realize he really doesnt matter nothing changed and life moves on just like Obama will be forgotten do will Trump

  3. Pietrus Abalardus

    Well, to answer your first question. Trump has, by his own loud assertion, to do with everything. According to him, he is never wrong and if people had any sense , they would put him in charge of the world. Confucius says: the man who knows all the answers, hasn’t asked all the questions.
    As to your second question. As far as I know, I am not insame but that is for others to judge. I sometimes wonder if my lack of insanity makes me the object of the kind of measured thought that you express in your objection.
    I will tell you a little story though. Before Trump even expressed that he was definitely going to run, I said to a friend of mine who held the magazine in her hand with a picture of Trump and some text intimating that he might run, And I said to her: “there is the next President of the United States.” She ridiculed me, but look what happened! A man Who thinks they had a wider playing in the revolutionary war
    Mr. Trump has about as much character as a Chamaeleon. Mr. Obama, overcoming the prejudices of being black and being attacked—attacked by a lot of people, a lot of people, who don’t think , they only react emotionally. I suppose, being a Scot, and, by the way, Scotland is another place that Mr. Trump has favored with his confetti-like thinking, that it would be nice to have a leader here Who was strong rather than saying he was strong, who was intelligent without saying that he was intelligent.
    Its also true that I have an issue. I won’t bother going into that now but it would mean nothing to you. I am to have an issue rather than a lot of circuitry I am proud to have a secret issue rather than a lot of public persiflage (Look it up).
    Alas, mr. Trump will not be forgotten. He may be washed away in the flood caused by global warming, though I doubt he’ll live long enough. And then he will enjoy it joining the pantheon of donkey boys Who have led people like you, not you yourself, because it’s Obvious but you are too smart to be deceived, but others whom you might enlighten, to oblivion (Which curiously by coincidence comes from the Latin word for “to forget.”)
    If I may, I’ll ask you a question. Why

    do you get so upset. You’re going to have a heart attack that way over worrying about Other people,
    Scotland forever
    That’s all folks

  4. Pietrus Abalardus

    Perhaps. But I am distressed, and if we are to have a future as a nation, we must understand that the Trumpites are right. Trump will make a big difference. Anyone who has the power to make a traitor of any government employee who even mentions Climate Change is, in one sentence, exercising a power that should be reserved only to dictators. He is falsely accusing that person, he is throwing cold water on a subject we, the country should be working toward understanding with all due haste and heat, he is unfairly ruining the life of the accused employee, and he is endangering us all. If Trump were simply a greedy, ignorant, self-aggrandizing narcissist, what the hell would I care. I don’t get my jollies by sitting around writing answers to silly, opinionated purveyors of nonsense. But Trump is the man riding the horse of termination in the Apocalypse. I respect your opinion that I perhaps wrote too much to make answer to so little. What I wrote here was really addressed to the previous writer, but too complicated, for me, to answer him directly. You’re right. Getting upset with gentlefolk who solidly believe that closing their eyes is the best solution their problems USA mistake. All the best. By the way, I’m not your “pal.”

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