18 thoughts on “DeForest Kelley, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and James Doohan

  1. Mumblix Grumph

    “…and then the guy says ‘What, and give up show business?’.”

  2. Chris NFRaf

    And Jack Kelley ends the the sermon by leading the men in th singing of “Amazing Grace!!”

  3. Dave Finkbeiner

    It does not make fun of nerds. Far from it. I used to think the same thing until I watched it now I own the first 11 seasons on Blu-ray and waiting for the 12th and final season to be released. It doesn’t make fun of nerds it shows you the reality of having a high IQ and actually being a nerd.

  4. Dave Finkbeiner

    So Chuck Lorre is an untalented writer? You have no clue what you are talking about. I went to MIT and the show is much more accurate than you know. Clearly you do not know. The show is funny and smart. Not just my opinion but the opinions of millions. You do not run 12 years on a major network and have untalented writers. As I said you are clueless and are looking for a fight. How about you end it here and let it be.

  5. Dave Finkbeiner

    You are the only one that I know of who does not know who he is. Have you never heard of the Big Bang Theory? Last season is on CBS now and it ran for 12 seasons so yeah I could say that you are the only one lol.

  6. Super Blubberpuss

    I’ve heard of it. It’s that terrible sitcom that makes fun of nerds. Not everyone watches crap like that.

  7. Super Blubberpuss

    No, it shows narrow-minded Hollywood’s version of nerds as viewed and written by a committee of untalented writers. I don’t care if you like it. That’s your choice

  8. Dave Finkbeiner

    I did not do any kind of a personal attack. I simply made an observation. It’s ok not every show is for everyone. That’s fine.

  9. Super Blubberpuss

    As I said that’s your opinion. However now that you of course resort to the typical personal attacks, all your points are proven invalid. That means you are just here to troll. MIT bullshit.

  10. Super Blubberpuss

    You said that I “had no clue, no idea what I’m talking about, and I’m clueless”. That’s the sign of a troll. Please pester someone else. This is why we give up trying to hold intelligent conversations

  11. Dave Finkbeiner

    If you have never seen the show then you have no clue. That is not a personal attack but a fact. You simply have no clue. Calling me a troll because I called you out is childish. Some gentleman wrote about Sheldon Cooper and you wrote who? I replied you then wrote about untalented writers and such which is also ridiculous since you never saw the show which makes you clueless. I then because I called you out am now a troll which is funny beyond all measure. You can like Trek, Wars, Galactica and Buck Rogers that does not make you a nerd. It means you like science fiction. In my last post I was giving you a way out and you still did not get it. I would love to carry an intelligent conversation but clearly that is impossible to do because you do not allow it. You are more than welcome to have the last word because I know you will and that’s fine. Have a good day.

  12. Mike

    I agree…been working in tech since 1978 (Digital Equipment, Oracle, Kodak, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and 3 or 4 startups.
    While there have been some co-workers who exhibited very good social skills the vast majority had much more in common with Sheldon and Leonard. No doubt about that.
    Chuck Lorre (not his real name) had a bit of a rough childhood and grew up a bike ride from my parents house..then later graduated from Bethpage High School. He was 2 grades ahead of me. BBT is the result of a lot of hard work between he and Bill Prady and their excellent team. Thought they did a great job on the finale.

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