9 Year Anniversary

9 Year Anniversary | Rare celebrity photos

Do you remember what you did 9 years ago? All I remember is that I was tired of everything I was supposed to do and tired of how my life was going, so I started a little site where I could post cool pics just for fun. 3.288 days later and things haven’t changed that much, it’s still just a little site where I post weird celebrity photos that makes me happy. It’s not much, but it brings me a little joy and I hope it brings a hint of happiness to a few other nostalgic people out there too.

If you want to support this poorly named project, and see it survive for a whole decade, I have a few suggestions. You can donate a dollar below to help me fund it. Follow me on Twitter and retweet me from time to time. Or just say hi in the comments.

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If you want to support me and keep this site alive, a small donation would be much helpful and greatly appreciated. It would help me to pay for the web hosting and domain name (≈$400/year) and maybe let me buy a coffee or two. As thanks, if you donate $5 or more, you can get a link to your site or Twitter/Instagram or whatever you want, in the list of donors below. Thanks!

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