7 Year Anniversary

7 Year Anniversary | Rare photos

Another year has passed and even if the views sadly are dropping, I keep going and today we are celebrating 7 years of rare, weird and awesome celebrity photos. I don’t even want to think about how many hours I’ve put in to this “poorly-named” project, but it has been fun to see people enjoy it, so it has definitely been worth it.

If you want to do me a favor today, share the site with a friend you think needs to waste an hour browsing photos and getting nostalgic. And if you are feeling extra generous, you can always chip in with a dollar to help me pay for this.

To all of you who are still with me – thanks! Let’s make this continue for another year.

Donate to This Is Not Porn 2017
If you want to support me and keep this site alive, a small donation would be much helpful and greatly appreciated. It would help me to pay for the web hosting and domain name and maybe let me buy a coffee or two. As thanks, if you donate $5 or more, you can get a link to your site or Twitter/Instagram or whatever you want, in the list of donors below. Thanks!

(I can only accept donations through Paypal at the moment.)
RR25.00 USD
Anonymous Donor25.00 USD
RN25.00 USD
Anonymous Donor25.00 USD
Greg Stovall25.00 USD
Rimma25.00 USD
David M20.00 USD
Matt20.00 USD
Jorge Gervasio Pereira15.00 USD
mutecypher15.00 USD
Jonathan Adams10.00 USD
Bill10.00 USD
Fashion It So10.00 USD
Robert10.00 USD
GCD10.00 USD
marcus10.00 USD
mr creek10.00 USD
Dana Law10.00 USD
Oleksii10.00 USD
Andrey10.00 USD
Larin Andrey Nikolaevich6.00 USD
Backpacker Dude5.05 USD
Anonymous Donor5.00 USD
Mike5.00 USD
Scott G5.00 USD
Gruby5.00 USD
Anonymous Donor5.00 USD
Erwan5.00 USD
Pouabz5.00 USD
Anonymous Donor5.00 USD
Anonymous Donor5.00 USD
Laurent5.00 USD
russian brides5.00 USD
TJ Barlow5.00 USD
Anonymous Donor5.00 USD
MN5.00 USD
a German fellow5.00 USD
Phil3.00 USD
Shayne Bundy1.00 USD
Dennis1.00 USD
Total amount411.05 USD

8 thoughts on “7 Year Anniversary

  1. Adam Selvidge

    I have to say, I’ve always had problems with the images in the RSS feed, they never seem to load correctly.

  2. Mia David

    I’d love to donate, but don’t have Paypal! Let me know if a credit card payment becomes an option. You run my fav site. :)

  3. This Is Not Porn

    Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy it. Don’t worry about it, just keep visiting and I’ll be happy :)

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