6 Year Anniversary

6 Year Anniversary | Rare photos

Today it’s been 6 years since I started this little site and it’s been a really fun ride and hopefully it’s not over yet. I’ve posted over 2.400 photos (that’s more than 1 photo every day), and we are close to 20 million views in total. That must mean you at least kind of like it. I have at least enjoyed the process, so thanks a lot for sticking with me!

Donate to This Is Not Porn 2016
If you want to support me and keep this site alive, a small donation would be much helpful and greatly appreciated. It would help me to pay for the web hosting and domain name (≈$350/year) and maybe let me buy a beer or two. As thanks, if you donate $5 or more, you can get a link to your site or Twitter or whatever you want, in the list of donors below. Thanks!

(I can only accept donations through Paypal at the moment.)
Erich W30.00 USD
Kasia25.00 USD
Jeffrey Wear25.00 USD
Todd20.00 USD
Robert Moffett20.00 USD
Gary Chun20.00 USD
MangoMama61910.00 USD
Anonymous Donor10.00 USD
Anonymous Donor10.00 USD
marcus10.00 USD
Robert10.00 USD
INK Your Dreams10.00 USD
E5.00 USD
David M5.00 USD
Anonymous Donor5.00 USD
Andreas5.00 USD
Anonymous Donor5.00 USD
Anonymous Donor5.00 USD
Charlie K5.00 USD
Patrik5.00 USD
Laurent5.00 USD
alex5.00 USD
R5.00 USD
Mr Creek5.00 USD
zioluc5.00 USD
Anonymous Donor5.00 USD
cchris_475.00 USD
Anonymous5.00 USD
Michael Pearson5.00 USD
David M5.00 USD
Jeffrey Wear5.00 USD
Total amount295.00 USD

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