2 thoughts on “Francis Ford Coppola, Irvin Kershner, Akira Kurosawa, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Carroll Ballard

  1. aaron pike

    let their movies speak for them…as a wise, powerful, master jedi once said: …”try!?, there is no try…do or do not…that is the way…” – a universal truth (simply the most fundamental basic, simple complex, all encompassing, singular, Omni-, uni-, micro, macro, transcending all levels of awareness and understanding, THE teaching, THE way, THE basis, an understanding so deep, a foundation with no ceiling, limitless and yet limited, an instant to comprehend, a lifetime to truly know…no debate, no question, a meaning so solid, one meaning, many understandings…well, these directors/creators did and did not…by doing not, u did…doing & doing not are the same, equally important once u get to truly understanding at this level, u know…u only know by going through it…at this level, there is no such thing as failure…do and doing not are both success….trying is failure…walk ur talk, move beyond walking and talking…simply do by being u and doing not disappears…you only do, u only r…know and be true to it..”who feels it knows it” – Robert nesta marley
    much respect to these men, mad props to these creators, thanks, by being who u are u guide and teach by doing all u have done – creating motion picture milestones that have made it possible for all to create and stay true to their vision; making it possible for me…for both sides of film,the making of motion pictures and what we choose to do with it, merging technical with creative – I truly hope each and everyone of u get everything u ever wanted…if there is anything I can do for u, please let me know…together we stand, unified on a finite foundation so solid it allows for infinite possibilities and creations…

  2. aaron pike

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