3 thoughts on “Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali

  1. Gina from Poland

    Two great men! Thanks God for them both.
    Edwina, Ali is wearing Elvis’s robe.

  2. Rick Williams

    I’m from Ali’s hometown of Louisville,Ky. I’m 55 yrs old. I was lucky enough to see the REAL Elvis in person on May 21,1977 as a young adult(20yrs old). . It was his last concert here in Louisville. He passed less than 3 months later on Aug 16,1977. You hear of many ”fat Elvis” jokes. Well,my wife/I took many pics at the concert,,,was he heavier than the Elvis in the movies? Yes. Fat? I disagree. Bloated a little was more like it. Elvis was not only the ”King of rock/roll”…he was the ”King of Cool”. Forget Brad Pitt/Bradley Cooper ladies…check Elvis, not only in his prime…but as late as 1976. Again,the King of Cool. As for Ali,he came thru town once(1978) to help a future Louisville(World Heavyweight champ)the late Greg Page. I was a fighter there also/Ali let all of us get in the ring w/him and ”spar”…he basically did the ”rope-a-dope”..and let you have the ”glory”. NO cell/pic phones back then!!! Darn! The robe Ali has on in the pic is a gift from Elvis. It was for the first Ken Norton fight. You can see the robe on display here in Louisville at the ”Ali Center”. ”The Rooster”/Louisville,Ky

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