8 thoughts on “John Belushi and Bill Murray

  1. lutz

    Never ever is this the set of the Blues Brothers Movie, Bill Murray wasnt a actor there. Its Saturday Night Live, where the BB starts und where Bill a co-comedian was.

    sry 4 the bad english, i came from germany

  2. KF

    It could very easily be on the set of Blues Brothers. Notice the guitars in the background? That’s the set for Ray’s music shop and it’s not inconceivable that Billy Murray was in Chicago visiting the set that day to cheer on his SNL buds Belushi and Aykroyd.

  3. Mike

    At first I thought that it was nothing like the interior of Ray’s Music Exchange, you can see all of the walls and what’s hung on them in this video… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rN5V-6yCbpg
    But after watching it a few times the pic IS from the set, the give away is the white light just above and in front of Bill Murray’s head, it’s a distinctive shape and if you stop the video at about 1:16 you can clearly see the same lights and guitars on the wall in the background

  4. Mike

    Even better, if you stop the video at 2:19 the camera is at almost exactly the same position, not only do you see the light and the guitars, you can even see the same picture on the wall and you can also see the real deal-clincher… the LOANS neon sign top left. 100% for sure the pic was taken on the set of The Blues Brothers in Ray’s Music Exchange

  5. Bobo

    Sorry Lutz, look at the background. That’s the music shop where they hook-up with Ray Charles. No doubt everyone had friends dropping by the sets with the line up they had.

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