6 Year Anniversary


Today it’s been 6 years since I started this little site and it’s been a really fun ride and hopefully it’s not over yet. I’ve posted over 2.400 photos (that’s more than 1 photo every day), and we are close to 20 million views in total. That must mean you at least kind of like it. I have at least enjoyed the process, so thanks a lot for sticking with me!

Donate to This Is Not Porn 2016
If you want to support me and keep this site alive, a small donation would be much helpful and greatly appreciated. It would help me to pay for the web hosting and domain name (≈$350/year) and maybe let me buy a beer or two. As thanks, if you donate $5 or more, you can get a link to your site or Twitter or whatever you want, in the list of donors below. Thanks!

(I can only accept donations through Paypal at the moment.)
Erich W 30.00 USD
Todd 20.00 USD
Robert Moffett 20.00 USD
MangoMama619 10.00 USD
Anonymous Donor 10.00 USD
Anonymous Donor 10.00 USD
E 5.00 USD
David M 5.00 USD
Anonymous Donor 5.00 USD
Andreas 5.00 USD
Anonymous Donor 5.00 USD
Anonymous Donor 5.00 USD
Charlie K 5.00 USD
Total amount 135.00 USD

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