• My first horse was a buckskin mare… [I named] “Ramble”. I was trained in dressage; double reins, English saddle and crop. (My mother, teaching us the importance of respecting and the upkeep of our tack — myself, often, staying up late with saddle soap, neatsfoot oil and cloth — polishing saddle and bridle… until way into the wee hours of the night.)

    Though, my [riding] preference? Bareback pad, or, even better… “bareback”… hackamore; and/or, simply, a halter and halter rope — me? Barefoot… and, galloping away into the day. (SpecialNOTE: I collected the Thelwell pony books as a child — kind of a popular [American] “girl” series, I guess.

    Though, this looks like a little Shetland [re: breakfast pic]– the mischievous antics reminded me, totally, of the illustrations — the illustrations of the [classic]”Thelwell pony. Thanks. [PAZ.])