Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong | Rare celebrity photosNeil Armstrong having a late dinner and reading the Wall Street Journal, 1969.
Photo by Ralph Morse.

  • Lolilopus

    wow! look that egg! its huge!

  • Rafael

    It is not an egg on the plate. It is like a nervous pudding (also known as jelly).

  • Dwight

    That’s too bad. It would’ve been an awesome egg.

  • Charlesod

    That’s neither an egg nor jelly. It’s a canned peach.

  • David

    The secret of ‘unidentified yellow’ lives on. It’s not a very balanced breakfast, in any case.

  • Moav

    It could be Ostrich egg, could it ?

  • The egg is not so important. Much more important is the meat! :-)