• Wow. 2 beautiful men in one shot. But is Ali wearing his own robe or one of E’s???

  • Gina from Poland

    Two great men! Thanks God for them both.
    Edwina, Ali is wearing Elvis’s robe.

  • Rick Williams

    I’m from Ali’s hometown of Louisville,Ky. I’m 55 yrs old. I was lucky enough to see the REAL Elvis in person on May 21,1977 as a young adult(20yrs old). . It was his last concert here in Louisville. He passed less than 3 months later on Aug 16,1977. You hear of many ”fat Elvis” jokes. Well,my wife/I took many pics at the concert,,,was he heavier than the Elvis in the movies? Yes. Fat? I disagree. Bloated a little was more like it. Elvis was not only the ”King of rock/roll”…he was the ”King of Cool”. Forget Brad Pitt/Bradley Cooper ladies…check Elvis, not only in his prime…but as late as 1976. Again,the King of Cool. As for Ali,he came thru town once(1978) to help a future Louisville(World Heavyweight champ)the late Greg Page. I was a fighter there also/Ali let all of us get in the ring w/him and ”spar”…he basically did the ”rope-a-dope”..and let you have the ”glory”. NO cell/pic phones back then!!! Darn! The robe Ali has on in the pic is a gift from Elvis. It was for the first Ken Norton fight. You can see the robe on display here in Louisville at the ”Ali Center”. ”The Rooster”/Louisville,Ky