• Guss

    it’s amazing this guy’s need for attention even in the studio…
    I can imagine what Paul went through to tolerate things like that! haha
    (john was searching for a different way to make his voice sound different.. yeah, sure!)

  • Jonas

    Guss, I find your comment interesting and confusing. Paul was the one that was known for being very hard to work with in the studio due to his egotistical and controlling nature. I love them all (that’s why I play in a Beatles tribute band), but Paul would definitely be the hard one to “tolerate”. I’m not sure what would be so annoying about this either. The studio experimentation is one of the main ways they truly set themselves so far apart from everyone else and Paul did just as much of that as anyone else.

  • Guss

    Hi Jonas,

    Funny thing, I also play in a Beatles tribute band (10 years now)… I do agree with you regarding Paul’s controlling nature and leadership regarding the work on the studio (and this is one of the reasons I admire him a lot). But my point here is this is only one of the uncountable situations that John proved to be very needy of attention… you can include the fights in hamburg, the arrogance with reporters on early years, and, forgive me all Lennon fans out there, even the “let’s give peace a change” or “you say you want a revolution”… I’m not saying that he didn’t mean that, not at all, but his whole personality showed a “I want to be seen, no matter what!” in my opinion. The studio experimentation IS one of the main ways they set themselves so far, but there are limits of doing things… I mean, George didn’t bring an indian elephant into the recording sessions of his songs, but I bet John would like the idea! HAhaha… :0)

  • Astrid

    This isn’t John, this is either Paul or (which I prefer) Denny Laine. This picture is in Paul’s WINGS book and it is from the recording studio in Nashville. As there are naturally neither pictures of John nor of the Beatles in that book it can’t be John Lennon recording Tomorrow never knows. Besides: he was lying on the floor and not hanging his head upside down….at least according to Geoff Emerick.


  • David

    I agree with Astrid, this is Denny Laine!