• gokul dalit

    Che is our ideal he is red star not aporn star

  • Che Guevara

    Che killed people, you fucking hipster.

  • Come on now….

    So did George Washington. Both during revolutions. Both fighting for freedom against oppressive masters. What’s your point?

  • historical accuracy

    Maybe because Che was a psychopath who personally enjoyed killing unarmed civilians? In support of a different oppressive regime?

  • M

    “historical accuracy”, you do not know what you are talking about. I’m sure you must feel like such an iconoclast for ragging on Che Guevara but the popular view that he was a murderer is simply a fabrication. How about you read a book about him and educate yourself instead of regurgitating views you have heard expressed by ignorant others?

  • Truth

    Che is a hero and a legend. George Washington liked little boys, learn your history!

  • shreyas

    i stringly belive che was a hero….but he dint know what he was fighiiting for…he was not aware of the bad symptomps of communism…..che in his entire life what he tried to do and tried to prove was amazing and pure…but …..hisoty take its toll….

  • You

    whos to say the book you read isnt full of complete crap? whos to say any of you are right? i think you’re all full of yourself and brainwashed by complete opposite sides of this matter. insanity runs rampant in this world, and honestly, nobody is right, nor wrong. we are all against each other.

  • Jae

    Pure motives often end up corrupted somehow by the stain of man. When it comes to the very thing you seek to destroy bringing about your own immortality justice is lost but the cause advances. Perhaps justice is too lofty a goal in and of itself to be the purpose.